Video Analysis


Video analysis is the single most effective coaching & training tool an athlete can use. The saying “a picture means a thousand words” is never more true than with video analysis.

We encourage all athletes to, at some stage during their training, to film their swim, bike and run action. It’s amazing how much more informative it is to watch yourself perform an action and receive immediate feedback on how to fine tune your performance and shave minutes of your race time.

Using running as an example, the process usually takes approximately 30-minutes during which we capture your normal running motion over a short course. We’ll film you running towards, away from and parallel to the camera looking specifically at your posture and foot action.

Once we’ve got you down on tape we’ll review the footage and present you with three deliverables:

  1. - A written analysis (in PDF form) with screen grabs of your swim, bike or run action

  2. - A copy of all the raw footage we capture - useful for self analysis & comparison as you improve.

  3. - Skype meeting follow up where we walk you through the footage and our review

Follow up sessions are available upon request

Single sport packages start at $125 - discounts available for multi-sport analysis & 3-month contracts.

Do you really know how you run & swim ?

Interested in video analysis?


“After just one session with Coach John, I was able to cut my 1/2 Marathon PR by 22 minutes!  John quickly identified problems in my running technique and gave me easy to understand advice and training exercises to improve my form.  His use of video technology was also extremely helpful as he illustrated what I was doing wrong and what I needed to be doing”. - Dan Nevarez, Half Marathon Runner

The single most most effective coaching tool you’ll ever use.