Age Group Athletes

Helping athletes enjoy the multi-sport lifestyle


Age Group Athletes is a Redondo Beach (CA) based endurance sports coaching company owned & operated by USA Cycling Level Two, USAT Level One, NASM CPT, PES & CES certified Coach John Bryan &, ATC & CSCS, USA Triathlon, USAT Youth & Junior Triathlon Certified Coach Coach, Cindy Kramer

Age Group Athletes provides professional multi-sport coaching & fitness

services to athletes of all ages and abilities

Services provided include:

  1. -Triathlon & Multi-Sport Coaching - training, coaching, planning and race skills

  2. -Individual sport skills (swim, bike & run) - weekly group & individual skill classes

  3. -Video Analysis - swim, bike & run using Objectus video analysis software

  4. -Fitness & Movement Assessment

  5. -Triathlon & Endurance racing skill and tactic training

  6. -Fitness Training Plans - yearly, seasonal, monthly


John Bryan                                                                                                                                                                                 

Call: +1 424 634 1672                                                                                     

Twitter: TriCoach90278